Our short documentary film delves into the world of women in the 4WD community, shedding light on their experiences within a male-dominated industry. Through collaboration with Chics off-road 4x4 and Auckland Off-road Adventure Park, we sought to capture the stories of these women using video and photographic practices.
COR aims to inspire and empower women who are interested in 4WDing, create a sense of community, and challenge the preconceptions surrounding this vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. By showcasing the strength, camaraderie, and personal growth within the Chics off-road 4x4 girls and the wider COR4x4 community, we hope to foster a supportive environment that encourages more women to embark on their own 4WD adventures.
In this documentary, we address the challenging nature of the industry, where women occupy a relatively small space and face various obstacles in learning and participating in 4WD activities. Learning the art of fixing, maintaining, and modifying their trucks, as well as the intricacies of off-road driving such as track selection, gear usage, and adapting to different terrains, requires extensive knowledge and practice. By collaborating with the Chics off-road 4x4 girls, we discovered that our project extended beyond a mere documentation of their activities. It became a transformative journey, empowering women to build confidence, cultivate new friendships whilst having tremendous fun.
Through the medium of film, we aim to raise awareness about the broader scope of 4WDing beyond its often-misunderstood reputation. It encompasses travel, camping, exploration, and rich experiences. However, for women, entering this industry can be daunting, and intimidating. Starting out on your own and finding support and building your confidence can be challenging. This is where the Chics off-road 4x4 community have played a pivotal role. They have created a nurturing environment, enabling women to break free from their shells, develop skills, and find their voice in the 4WD world.
As the director of this documentary, I brought a basic lens based practice and interview plan to the table. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the participants, I carefully curated a variety of questions that allowed them to share their stories with a sense of lightness and fun. The COR4x4 gals embraced the project with enthusiasm, demonstrating a can-do attitude and an open-mindedness that made the collaboration truly meaningful.
Overall, our short documentary represents the power of collaboration, giving voice to women in the 4WD world and celebrating their triumphs, challenges, and shared passion for exploration and self-discovery.
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